Boxing to Lose Weight

Boxing is not only my favorite sport but when it comes to weight loss, no other exercise can match it. Boxing offers an intense cardio workout, engages the entire body and it is fun. We will discuss how boxing can help you lose weight and increase your self-defense at the same time.

Boxing to Lose Weight
Boxing to Lose Weight Photo by LiveHealthy

Cardio is Nonstop

First, boxing is superior when it comes to weight loss because the cardio is nonstop. Whether you are jump roping, running or hitting the heavy bag your body is steadily in motion which burns calories. You ever wonder why most boxers are so fit? The diet and exercise routine that boxers go through is phenomenal when it comes to weight loss. Many studies have proven that boxing offers the best cardio when you are trying to lose weight.

Boxing Engages Entire Body

Next, boxing is the best for weight loss because it engages the entire body. Whenever you are sparring or simply hitting the uppercut bags, you are using all your muscles from head to toe. Moving around and punching involves using your arms, shoulders, chest and legs. That is why it does not take long to get a good workout from boxing. After an hour your entire body is already tired and filled with sweat. When I was training it took me less than thirty minutes to be full of sweat and feel like I just ran a marathon.

Boxing to Lose Weight is Fun

Last but not least, boxing is really a fun sport. I understand that the sport is competitive and you may shed blood from time to time but you can really have fun too. Learning new skills and increasing your self-defense is always helpful and it makes your body feel good at the end of the day. My training sessions were always serious when preparing for fights but we also played around a lot too. Seeing who can throw the most punches and hit the speed bag the longest were things we did to test our skills. The most important thing was that we stayed in shape and we had no problem making weight when it came to fight. Boxing will always be my favorite sport and my go to hobby when it comes to weight loss.

If you are struggling to lose weight and have not tried boxing, I think it is worth it. You get the benefits of increasing your self-defense, an intense cardio workout and have fun at the same time. There are not many other hobbies that offer these fat loss benefits like boxing and if you give it a shot, I know you will like it because you will feel good and lose weight.

Leeman Taylor