Does Walking Help Weight Loss?

Walking is by far the easiest and most popular way to lose weight. The question is that does it really help you shed pounds if you do it on a daily basis. Today I will share some ways on how walking helps weight loss.

Walking to Lose Weight
Walking to Lose Weight Photo by Prevention

Make Walking a Daily Habit

To begin with, starting off your day with a simple walk around the block or track is a great way to really get going. This simple exercise will increase your heart rate and get your blood flowing which will prepare you to take on the day. Not only are you improving your physical health but you are clearing your mind to remove out all the stress as well.

Push It to the Limit When Walking

Next, once you get into a good routine of taking your routine walk, step it up a notch to power walking and increase your steps gradually. For instance, you make walk 5,000 steps per day this week but next week you will increase it to 7,500 steps. This minor progress will slowly increase your chances of losing more weight and get you prepared for more intense cardio workouts. Challenge yourself each week to do a little more and watch the compound effect work in your favor.

Bring a Partner to Walk With

I understand that walking alone can get lonely and boring but if you bring someone with you, it will be much enjoyable. Therefore, instead of having a phone conversation with your friend, ask them to join you in a quick walk to catch up on things. You may even end up doing more exercise than expected because you are having fun and not really thinking about it. There is nothing like two or more individuals achieving his or her weight loss goals at the same time.

Stay Consistent

Most importantly, the key to successful weight loss is be consistent and find a routine that you can follow. There is no one-fits-all weight loss program so you have to find what works best for you. If you are overweight and new to weight loss, then walking is probably the best place to start. There is no such thing as overnight success but if you are dedicated to losing weight, then walking may be your best option to start weight loss.

Leeman Taylor