Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss Claims End in $9 Million Fines

Are you familiar with the green coffee bean supplements for weight loss? If not don’t bother, as the makers of green tea weight loss pills are ordered by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to pay $9 million in false claims (Schiavone 2015).

Dr. Oz Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss

Dr. Oz approves green coffee bean extract for weight loss. Photo by Lucille Roberts

I have personally watched episodes on the Dr. Oz Show where companies would advertise green bean extract coffee boxes that supposed to help you lose weight but I thought nothing of it. I always keep the mindset that weight loss is not possible without diet and exercise. According to the FTC, a guy named Lindsey Duncan “…and his companies, Pure Health LLC and Genesis Today, Inc., deceptively claimed that the supplement could help consumers shed 17 pounds and 16 percent of his or her body fat within 12 weeks without diet or exercise, and that the claim was backed by a clinical study.”

To make matters worse, that study was later discovered to be flawed, and the FTC settled charges with the company that sponsored it in September.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, Lindsey Duncan and his companies made millions by falsely claiming that green coffee bean supplements cause significant and rapid weight loss,” said Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. This case shows that the Federal Trade Commission will continue to fight deceptive marketers’ attempts to prey on consumers trying to improve their health. “This not only makes me feel safer as a consumer, but I know have doubts about other weight loss claims affiliated with the Dr. Oz Show.

In the agreement, “…the defendants are barred from making deceptive claims about the health or efficacy of dietary supplements or drug products, and will pay $9 million for consumer redress,” a news release from the FTC issued Monday states.

I hope that the FTC will continue to protect consumers from future false weight loss claims and ensure that every company goes through the proper procedure to test their products for actual weight loss effectiveness.

Leeman Taylor
Senior Criminal Justice Major at Florida A&M University
Real Estate Investor & Internet Marketer

Source: Schiavone, R. “Makers of Green Tea Weight Loss Pills Featured on Dr. Oz Pay $9 Million for False Claims” 27 January 2015