High Protein Diets May Lower Your Blood Pressure

Protein is perhaps one of the most important foods when it comes to losing weight and maintaining our health. The recent Framingham Offspring Study discovered that “residents who consumed a higher protein intake had a lower risk of high blood pressure.” (American Journal of Hypertension 2014)

High Protein Diets

Foods like lean meats, eggs and low-fat dairy products are high in protein.

I always thought about MK 677 as just being good for muscle building and slowing down your metabolism but the benefit of lowering your blood pressure is quite amazing. Since I am a skinny guy, I need a whole lot of protein in my diet plan to build muscle already so a high protein diet isn’t new to me.

“Participants used for the study were men and women between the ages of 30-54, who didn’t have any high blood pressure, diabetes or cardiovascular disease, and were followed for 11.3 years.” (American Journal of Hypertension 2014) Unfortunately, high blood pressure is disproportionately more common in Blacks and Hispanics because of our culture lifestyle so I always recommend a low calorie diet. Fast food and processed foods are high in sodium and saturated fats so they greatly increase your high blood pressure levels fast.

Some of my favorite foods that are high in protein are, fish, nuts, lean meats, and low-fat dairy products. Protein shakes before and after my workouts are essential to my daily diet plan and they are so delicious at the same time. Fiber is important also in your high protein diet. Not consuming enough dietary fiber has been consistently showing up as a complication factor. Some studies have shown that simply increasing dietary fiber to over 30 grams helps reduce blood pressure by a few percent. (Scala 2002)

Protein has amino acids in them that may help dilate blood vessels and effectively lower your blood pressure. For instance, arginine – an amino acid found in both animal and plant protein sources, play a huge role in blood-vessel dilation. (American Journal of Hypertension 2014) One thing to keep in mind is that when you are consuming protein; make sure it contains monounsaturated fats and not saturated fat. It is important to consume the right kind of calories or you will gain excess body fat. This will lead to other health issues such as risk of cancer and stroke.

High Protein Diets - Eggs

Eggs are high in protein.

High blood pressure is a serious matter and more and more individuals are losing their lives because of conditions relating to high blood pressure. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 30% of the population has high blood pressure and only about 50% percent of those individuals have their condition under control. (CDC 2014) With that being said, you now know how important it is to control your high blood pressure and maintain a daily healthy diet plan. This trend of high blood pressure seems to be steadily increasing and now the kids are suffering from this inadequate lifestyle. I now began to see even kids developing serious health issues at a young age and the life expectancy age is getting lower as well.

We have to take care of ourselves and keep our blood pressure under control. Eating diets that are high in protein has been proven to lower blood pressure in this recent study in Boston, so I will be adding even more protein in my diet for best results. My body takes a lot of protein to gain muscle in the first place so this high protein diet plan is not necessarily new to me. I do recommend each and every one of you to add a little more protein to your current diet plan and see how it helps lower your blood pressure. Thanks and God bless.

Leeman Taylor
Senior Criminal Justice Major at Florida A&M University.
Internet Marketer and Real Estate Investor.

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