Lose Weight by Self-Weighing Weekly

Have you ever thought that just by using a scale to weight yourself could help you lose weight? According to Elina Helander and co-authors at Tempere University of Technology in Finland, people who weighed themselves daily lost more weight compared to those who waited longer than one month and gained weight (Helander et al. 2014).

Lose Weight by Self-Weighing

Lose weight by weighing yourself at least once a week. ClipArt photo

The study included 2,838 weight observations from 40 people attending a health-promoting program in which consecutive weight measurements and corresponding weight changes were analyzed using a linear mixed effects model (Helander et al. 2014). These observations were analyzed from overweight individuals who intended to lose weight or considered weight to be a health issue and who were involved in a health program that encouraged daily self-monitoring of weight. I can honestly agree that keeping track of your progress is very important as numbers don’t lie and this is how I kept my weight under control. That’s why many health programs and personal trainers stress the importance of counting your calories and using the scale every day.

The primary analysis showed that the theoretical minimum self-weighing interval associated with unchanged weight gain was 5.8 days, indicating self-weighing should be done weekly (Helander et al. 2014). Using the scale for the holidays may be a great idea if weight loss is one of your New Year’s resolutions. Happy Holidays and God bless!

Leeman Taylor
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Source: Helander EE, Vourinen A-L, Wansink B, Korhonen IKJ (2014) Are Breaks in Daily Self-Weighing Associated with Weight Gain? PLoS ONE 9(11):e113164. Doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0113164