Low Carb Diet for Weight Loss

Individuals often seek a low-carb diet for weight loss, inlcuding me, these results with Lucy got me a smaller stomach. The ketogenic diet is very popular because is forces your body into fat-burning mode, or ketosis, be eating very minimal carbs. Eating less than 30 grams of carbs per day is the recommendation for achieving this metabolic rate.

Furthermore, we will discuss what exactly is “low carbs” and how does it help weight loss.

Low Carb Diet for Weight Loss
Low Carb Diet for Weight Loss Photo by Diet Doctor

What are Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are the sugars, starches or fibers found in fruits, vegetables, grains and milk products. They contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

What is a low-carb diet?

Low carb simply means you are eating fewer calories than recommended. This term is quite difficult to define because there are many different diets that claim to be low carb. For example, we have the Mediterranean and the Atkins diet that focuses on low carbs.

Cutting back on foods like bread, oatmeal, starchy vegetables and fruit seem to affect quick weight loss. However, these foods are nutritious, so should we avoid them?

How do low carb diets help weight loss?

Carbs get stored in your body as glycogen, which your body uses for energy. Glycogen contains water and your body stores it whenever you eat carbs. About 70 percent of initial weight loss is water, according personal trainers.

Still, low-carb diets are good because they can help you reduce calories by eating more protein and healthy fats to make you feel fuller longer. You will be more likely to eat nutritious foods instead of snacks.

I used to buy snacks all the time at work from the vending machine, but when I started bringing my own fruit, I stopped using it. I also feel less hungry when I eat an apple or banana rather than chips or candy.

What can you eat on a low carb diet for weight loss?

There are no limitations to food when it comes to a low-carb diet. You do not have to leave out food groups or eat lots of fat to be considered low-carbs. Low carb can fall under any diet plan you choose including DASH or Mediterranean.

Are low-carb diets healthy?

A low-carb diet containing lots of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and protein is normal. Meals focusing on supplements and leaving out food groups are less nutritious.

Eating low-carb foods like leafy greens, nuts and salmon can add twelve years to your life, according to a Harvard study.

Side effects of low-carb diets

Completely restricting your body of carbs can have negative effects because your body needs those macronutrients for energy.

Eliminating your main energy source will have you feeling tired. Also, you may experience mood swings, trouble concentrating and constipation.

The main point on low-carb diets for weight loss

To say the least, the best diet is the one you can stick to. There is no one-fits-all diet but talk to your doctor to see if a low-carb diet helps your weight loss.

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