NFL Nick Hardwick’s Amazing 85-pound Weight Loss

Nick Hardwick should be a proud father and feel great about his recent weight loss transformation as he announced his NFL retirement on Tuesday (Braziller 2015). He played 11 years as a pro for the San Diego Chargers and weighed in at 293 pounds just this September.

NFL Nick Hardwick Weight Loss

Nick Hardwick poses with his son after weight loss (left) and how he looked last September (right). Photo: Instagram: AP

Most NFL linemen are huge and usually weigh in over 300 pounds so Hardwick had a normal size for his offensive lineman position. Unfortunately, Nick suffered a season-ending (ultimately career-ending) neck injury in Week 1, so he started focusing on his health, proper dieting, and physical activity. I believe this was good for him because many players stop focusing on their health when inactive and even more health issues began to affect them.

The former NFL lineman now weighs a shocking 208 pounds.

NFL Nick Hardwick Retirement

Former NFL lineman Nick Hardwick announces his retirement at a Tuesday press conference.
Photo: Twitter

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Source: Braziller, Z. “NFL lineman’s shocking 100-pound weight loss” 4 February 2015