Noom Diet for Weight Loss Review

Since its launch in 2008, the Noom diet, or Noom, has become a very popular diet to seek for weight loss. Today we will see if the Noom diet is for weight loss.

Noom diet for weight loss
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What is Noom?

Noom is an app that you can download on your smartphone to track your lifestyle. This health app provides tools for tracking your weight loss, educational articles and virtual support.

There is a 14-day trial if you would like to try it out before the monthly fee.

How does Noom work?

Like most diet plans and weight loss programs, Noom strives to help you lose weight by decreasing your calorie deficiency. This is when you consume fewer calories than you burn.

Noom uses a calorie budget to see how many calories you are allowed to consume each day.

Will the Noom diet help you lose weight?

To be honest, any low-calorie diet plan or program can help you achieve weight loss.

Unfortunately, no research has compared Noom to other weight loss programs or diet plans.

However, a study of 36,000 Noom users found that 80% of the users experienced weight loss within nine months. Those who tracked their progress more frequently, also showed more weight loss success.

Noom benefits

Noom focuses on calorie density, a calculation of calories compared to volume or weight.

Calorie and nutrient density

Low-calorie dense foods, such and fruits and vegetables, are associated with weight loss and less hunger.

No food is restricted

Unlike several popular diets that have restrictions on what you eat, Noom is flexible with the foods you like to eat.

Downsides to Noom diet

The cost of $45 per month and the mobile-only accessibility are just two of the cons of the Noom diet. Also, Noom is a virtual-based app, which may not be the right fit for many individuals.

Noom diet foods to eat

Noom has green, yellow and red food categories that are based on its calorie and nutrient density. Green contains fruits and vegetables, Yellow has lean meats and seafood, and Red contains red meats and snacks.

The main point

Noom is a mobile app for weight loss that grants you access with a tablet or smartphone.

Noom may help you lose weight by aiming at low-calorie foods that are rich in nutrients and pushing healthy lifestyle changes.

If you can handle the price, accessibility and virtual assistance style of coaching, the Noom diet may help you lose weight.

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