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Obie the Dachshund Loses 50 Pounds, Poses for 2015 Calendar

Obie the dachshund recently underwent an incredibly weight loss transformation and has made headlines since weighing a shocking 77 pounds in 2012. A certified veterinary technician by the name of Nora Vanetta, rescued Obie the dog and placed him on a strict diet and exercise routine (Yam 2014). Vanetta celebrated Obie’s weight loss journey by releasing a 2015 calendar.

Obie before weight loss

Obie before weight loss-Caters News.

With more than 2/3 of adults in the U.S. being obese or overweight (Ogden et al., 2014), eating healthier and engaging in daily physical activity are two important factors in protecting our health. “It is so important to introduce pups and kids to a healthy lifestyle and smarter food choices as early as possible,” says Vanetta. The dog’s previous owners fed Obie human food with the intention of spoiling him so there were a lot of changes to be made when Vanetta rescued him (Yam 2014).

Vanetta had no easy task of training Obie to eat dog food again but everything went well with adding a revised diet, now including vegetables. This is amazing news for dogs that are currently overweight and struggling to find a weight loss solution. Dr. Leilani Alvarez, a veterinarian and director of a california rehabilition center and fitness service says, “He is a star representation of a perfect body condition.”

Obie After Weight Loss

Obie after weight loss-Caters News

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Source: Yam, K. “Obese Dachshund Sheds 50 Pounds, Poses for Hot Dog Calendar 15 December 2014 the Huffington Post