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Girl Loses 50 Pounds After Weight Loss Surgery

Alexis was morbidly obese by the age of 12 but denied weight loss surgery by her health insurance company to stop the rare condition. Can you imagine that, being denied health care coverage for a serious health condition just because of your age? I understand weight loss surgery may be a risk factor for young children but if the benefits outweigh the odds then why not go for it? Since Alexis first told her story, donations have been pouring in for a gastric-sleeve procedure to help her lose weight (Shapiro 2014).

Alexis - Weight Loss Surgery

Hope and love for Alexis
I know it’s been a little while since I have updated. It’s been very busy with Alexis’ birthday coming up and Christmas. Alexis has been doing really good. She still doesn’t like going to school and gives me a hard time sometimes but she tries her best. She gets very very tired from school. She likes math, reading, and language arts. She doesn’t like music, or computers. She likes learning! She walks about a half mile or more every day at school. She is still scared to try new things that she couldn’t do while she was much heavier, but we are trying. Thank you everyone for caring! Oh yes and she got glasses!
December 7

About 3 years ago, Alexis had surgery to remove a benign brain tumor. Unfortunately, the surgery caused her hormones and metabolism to go chaos, increasing her appetite to make her feel hungry all the time. She continued to eat despite her family’s efforts to stop her and eventually gained more than 200 pounds – a rare, medically triggered obesity. Her health also decreased very fast (Shapiro 20014). Her last hope was to undergo a gastric-sleeve procedure to save her health and help her lose weight effectively.

The operation was performed in March at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the operation reduced her stomach size to help curb her appetite. Although the surgery was successful, Alexis still had to endure the agony of recovery but she pulled through very well with the strong support of family and loved ones. Jenny says they have enjoyed so much support and the comments from Facebook shows people really do care about Alexis.

By late June, she had lost 37 pounds and was off to a good start of becoming a new, healthier person (Shapiro 2014). She became a happier person and was back in school for the first time in nearly two years. She had more confidence and became the old, joyful Alexis she was once before. “Hope has been the only thing that has gotten us through,” said Jenny Shapiro, the mother of Alexis. Jenny says that her daughter’s strength and determination have made her even more proud of Alexis and she’s glad she helped her fight all the way.

Leeman Taylor
Senior Criminal Justice Major at Florida A&M University
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Source: Shapiro, J. “Once obese but starving Texas girl sees a healthy future months after surgery” 11 December 2014 www.today.com

Obama Health Care In America

With more than 8 million Americans signing up for Obama Health Care on HealthCare.gov, a shocking number of approximately 700,000 individuals have dropped out.

Most of my friends and co-workers agreed that the Obama Care Plan was fair so they signed up and their premiums were actually low because of our low salary. They mentioned that they also got to keep their regular doctors or physicians and didn’t have to travel far for monthly visits. I thought the Obama plan was pretty fair myself so I decided to sign up. I do understand that it can be difficult at times to pay for  high insurance plans so make sure you do your research to save money.

ObamaCare - Health Insurace

Obama Care is a good health care plan

According to Administrator Marilyn Tavenner from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, “700,000 didn’t make 1st month’s premium or didn’t continue to make payments.” (Radnofsky 2014) This is a shocking statistic to me and this could mean that individuals either could not afford their premiums because of their low income or just was unsatisfied with the services. I personally like my current health insurance plan so I don’t plan to drop out.

Individuals who tend to be poor and live below the poverty line such as Blacks and Hispanics don’t earn enough money to make coverage payments so they tend apply for Medicare and Medicaid. Veterans and elderly individuals have to rely on government assistance for health care as well because they spend most of their money on medicine and other health care services.

Since people want to protect their privacy online, users also worry about their personal information being shared. This is why the Government Accountability Office held a hearing this September about improving HealthCare.gov (Radnofsky 2014) Building and maintaining a secure website is very important. The last thing any of us want is someone stealing our identity and using it to destroy all the hard work we put in our career.

Health Care - Health Insurance

Health care can be expensive

On the other hand, our health is very important and we all need high quality Medicare to maintain our healthy lifestyle. Diet and exercise is only the beginning and we must maintain our health by visiting our doctors on a regular basis and choose the right health care plan that is best for us to stay healthy. I always do my research in my local area first and ask around for lowest rates. When I compare them to my current Obama health care plan I find out that local rates are too expensive so I base my decision off that.

I don’t mind paying for good health care coverage but if a plan is fair and reasonable like the Obama plan I will sign up for it. I did some research and found out that nearly 700,000 Americans have already dropped out so that tells you something. These people either can’t afford the Obama Care premiums or they are just unsatisfied. I do know one thing, being uninsured is not a good idea because when you get injured or suddenly need medical assistance, you will not be able to afford it out of the pocket. It will cost your hundreds and thousands of dollars to pay for medical bills so that’s why health insurance does come in handy. Be smart and choose a plan that best fits you. God bless.

Leeman Taylor
Senior Criminal Justice Major at Florida A&M University
Internet Marketer and Real Estate Investor

Source: Radnofsky, Louis “Obama Administration Says 7.3 million Who Picked Health Plans on Exchanges Have Paid Premiums”. Sept. 2014 www.online.wsj.com The Wall Street Journal