Weight Loss and Low Income Individuals


Weight loss has always been a struggle for low income families and individuals who are assumed to be poor because we are usually too poor to afford healthy foods and hire the personal trainer that we need for support. There is no secret that eating healthy is expensive and Blacks or other low income families do make poor food choices as well when shopping. Instead of buying organic and natural foods (which are usually very costly) we settle for packaged and processed foods like microwave dinners and other foods high in fat. We also have bad habits of eating too many fried foods and too much salty seasoning which can lead to high blood pressure and other serious health conditions.

Weight Loss

Weight loss can be difficult if you are poor

Joining a local gym membership or hiring a personal trainer can be expensive so finding the money to afford that can be hard at times as well. I usually recommend walking or jogging in a local park and having your own at home equipment to save money. Friends can be good motivators just like personal trainers so bring them along with you. Just doing an evening walk around the park and light jogging every day is a good start. We need that daily physical activity along with proper dieting in our daily lives to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I just started jogging around my college campus to get my exercise activity started so that has been going good for me.

I only jog about 3 to 4 days a week for now since I haven’t been exercising in a while and I have to get use to running like that again. I can surely tell you that running up hills is no joke!

I am sure we all know that abs start in the kitchen so eating well and keeping your calorie intake low is most important in weight loss. Some poor families like Blacks or Hispanics either can’t afford to buy all the healthy foods or they make bad food choice decisions. Eating low quality meats and unhealthy junk food is cheap so we usually consume these foods to save money but it is hurting us and the kids. They have to eat these unhealthy foods every day at home and school so the parents are part to blame. I do understand that some single parents or couples may have a busy lifestyle but preparing healthy meals is essential. Over 60 percent of the American population is overweight or obese. This trend is continuing to increase and our generation and youth have developed some very unhealthy eating and exercising habits.

Weight Loss - Low Income Household

Lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle on a budget.

I understand that individuals may not be able to afford a healthy lifestyle like the one they want but making smarter choices like jogging and making changes to your diet is the best start. Individuals or families who do receive government assistance need to start to consume at least some natural or organic foods just to break the bad cycle and protect our health for the future. The less health problems the better and this is only accomplished by us taking care of ourselves.

Health insurance is pretty high if you have many significant health issues as you are more likely to be seeing the doctor a lot. You also feel good inside when you are healthy and look great physically as well. Weight loss has so many health benefits they seem endless so don’t let your income level or financial situations keep you from weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Take care and God Bless.

Leeman Taylor
Senior Criminal Justice Major at Florida A&M University
Internet Marketer and Real Estate Investor

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